Chordata Capital 

investment with a backbone

We are an anticapitalist wealth management firm with a commitment to support clients in redistributing rather than continuing to accumulate wealth. 

We believe the most strategic role for wealthy investors in transforming our economy is divesting from Wall Street and shifting their money into community-controlled investments that center racial and economic justice.

We support investors through investment advising, a 9-month-long cohort program, and consulting

OUR offerings


We transition your investment portfolio to community investments that center racial and economic  justice.


We lead a 9-month-long program to support 10 people with inherited wealth in decoding their investments, identifying opportunities for repair and reparations, and investing in the solidarity economy.


We work with you to design a wealth redistribution plan and start investing in the solidarity economy.




Why we are different

  • We have deep, ongoing relationships with leaders in the solidarity economy movement. 
  • We facilitate direct investments into local economies that focus on racial, economic and gender justice. 
  • We invest in communities, not in Wall Street. 
  • We use an integrated capital approach, allowing clients to integrate their giving, investing, and activism to resource the communities and projects they love. 
  • We each bring over a decade of work in movements for racial and economic justice, and use a social justice lens to evaluate financial vehicles. 
  • We prioritize a collective rather than individual approach, knowing that we’re stronger together. 
  • We have extensive experience working with people with wealth to transform patterns around guilt and shame in service of mobilizing resources for our collective liberation.

Kate Poole and Tiffany Brown, the principals of Chordata Capital, are investment advisory representatives of Natural Investments LLC. Natural Investments is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm. Chordata Capital is not a registered entity and is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Natural Investments.

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