“Participating in the Chordata Cohort changed my relationship to my investment portfolio. Before, I knew I didn’t feel great about being invested in the stock market and wanted to find a way that my money could better align with my values. Now, I can say WHY I don’t want to participate in the stock market, and I have a plan to move my money into investments that better reflect the economy I’d like to see. I also feel like I have a community of other folks who know my commitment and who I don’t want to disappoint!” 

 –A former Chordata Cohort Participant and current Chordata client who was not paid or compensated for these comments

The Chordata Cohort is a nine-month long program, with two 4-day in-person retreats. We work with individuals who have access to over $5 million and are excited about shifting at least $1 million to solidarity economy investments.*

Cohort members are interested in understanding the history of the wealth they have access to now, and working towards repair. They crave rituals, personal practices, and concrete tools to shift their giving and investing into deeper alignment with their values, and are seeking community as they co-create strategies for wealth redistribution and transitioning their investments. You can apply for the cohort using this link.

*If you have a different situation but feel like the cohort would be a fit, we’re curious! Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you. 


Chordata Cohort was a life-changing experience for me in ways I am still discovering months later. I came into the experience with many years of learning and activism across different struggles, but relatively new to the world of radical wealth redistribution and investment. I left feeling like I had a community of beautiful and inspiring people who have shown me how to confront (and not hide from) the power I unjustly have and how to create new and radical ways of being, loving, and concretely redistributing my wealth and power. As Frances Beal wrote, living for the revolution means changing our day-to-day life patterns–it’s a full body, heart, mind, and community commitment. The Chordata Cohort understands this, and created the space for me to bring my full self into this work–my most scared and vulnerable, but also most brave and silly parts. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to become more of the self I want to be in this world.”

 –A former Chordata Cohort Participant who was not paid or compensated for these comments

At our two 4-day in-person retreats we connect as a community and support each other as we dive deep into the work of moving money to support economic self-determination. Cohort members build skill sets for working together across difference and navigating power, race and class, and learn about different paths forward through storytelling, presentations and facilitated conversation.

We’ll learn by doing! Together, we will have the opportunity to explore the vulnerabilities and practice the tough conversations that come with making big changes to our investment strategies, and collaborate with financial activists on the leading edge of creating restorative and reparative investment vehicles. We’ll also learn practices and rituals to connect the head and heart and help you make fully embodied decisions that you can feel good about!


When we launched our business we knew that investment advising is often super individualized and done in a one-on-one environment. But coming out of organizing spaces like Resource Generation, we wondered what would be possible if we did this work in a group, and together tackled the questions of:

  • What harm has been caused by wealth accumulation, and what does repair look like? 

  • How much is enough?

  • What does it take to redistribute wealth and power?

  • What are the different roles that people with wealth can play in supporting the solidarity economy?

  • What does it mean to be in solidarity across class and race?

  • How can my organizing, giving and investing all be working towards the goal of supporting economic self-determination for Black communities and other communities harmed by racial capitalism? 

Our first three cohorts, in 2019, 2020, and 2023 helped us build out a structure for doing this work together. One participant shared:

“The cohort provided me with education on the difference between extractive and regenerative economies, and a roadmap for investing in the latter, and how to do so in conjunction with a project of wealth redistribution. It was emotionally intelligent, kind, and thoughtful, and provided me with a radical community of others doing similar work that I know I can lean on as I continue to engage in this effort.”

 –-A former Chordata Cohort Participant who was not paid or compensated for these comments

The cost to participate in the cohort is $30,000. If you want to join us you can fill out this form.  Applications for this round of the cohort are due by May 28th, 2023.

The fall retreat will take place September 29-October 2nd, 2023 in Millerton, NY. The Spring Retreat will be March 21-24th in Hollister, CA. 

To get more of a sense of our vibe you can listen to our episode on Road to Repair with Jessica Norwood and check out our zine.

If you have questions about the cohort, please email Kate at


“This experience has been so helpful and grounding for me, to be a part of a generous and loving community of people trying in earnest to live out their values in the face of extreme inequity has been transformational, and helped me to live in greater alignment with myself and to feel more at peace about my role and place in the world. It has helped me to feel like I am doing something meaningful to remediate harm when everything feels like it is on fire, that I am learning as best I can how to make things right with the resources at my disposal, and that I am someone I can be proud of. Being a part of this group has challenged me without breaking me, pushed me to do more than I would have alone while also allowing me to retain a sense of agency, empowerment, and control in the work. Learning from this group has opened my eyes to just how much more there is to know about the work of economic justice, and inspired me to keep doing the work long after my time with the cohort ends, and for that I am supremely grateful.”

–A former Chordata Cohort Participant who was not paid or compensated for these comments