We believe the most strategic role for wealthy investors in transforming our economy is divesting from Wall Street and shifting their money into community-controlled investments that center racial justice. On this page you’ll find resources to support:

Learning about the landscape of restorative investing and investing in racial justice:


Understanding our economy and the connection between wealth accumulation and racism:


Tracing the history of your family and your own wealth accumulation:

Finding community–you do not need to do this work alone!:

  • For wealthy inheritors, Resource Generation. RG is a multiracial membership community of young people with wealth and/or class privilege committed to the equitable distribution of wealth, land and power. Kate and Tiffany connected through Resource Generation! (In Canada, there’s Resource Movement)
  • Join the New Economy Coalition, and find members of NEC in your region 
  • Build multiracial, multiclass community through organizations like Be Present 
  • For young queer people of color building the cooperative economy, reach out to CoFED.
  • For folks looking for funding for their work, check out this list of funding resources Resource Generation has compiled.
  • For funders in Massachusetts, Center for Economic Democracy’s Solidarity Economy Initiative

Rituals and practices to support wealth redistribution:

Our writing and articles featuring Chordata Capital’s work around the internet:

Trainings and Workshops:

shareholder advocacy:

We are clear that for investors that have more wealth than they need, the most strategic move is to shift their assets out of Wall Street into community control. If investors are not ready for that radical approach, or are looking to continue accumulating wealth, here are some other theories of change for values aligned investing:

  • Shareholder Advocacy: This approach involves investing in corporations but working in coalitions to shift their bad behavior. It also includes screening of corporations for particular criteria (like not investing in fossil fuels or not investing in gun manufacturers). 
    • Tools to support portfolio screening and shareholder advocacy:
    • Firms doing shareholder advocacy work:
      • At Natural Investments, the firm we’re a part of, other advisors are involved in shareholder advocacy. Natural Investments also offers a Heart Rating to find mutual funds with strong shareholder advocacy practices
      • NIA Impact Capital focuses on companies they believe are offering compelling solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.
      • NorthStar Asset Management Starting with the assumption that there is no such thing as a socially-responsible corporation, NorthStar works for gender justice and racial justice through shareholder activism.

Kate Poole and Tiffany Brown, the principals of Chordata Capital, are investment advisory representatives of Natural Investments LLC. Natural Investments is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm. Chordata Capital is not a registered entity and is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Natural Investments.

Tiffany Brown and Kate Poole are Investment Advisory Representatives of Natural Investments, LLC. Natural Investments is an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm. Chordata Capital is not a registered entity and is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Natural Investments, LLC . See our Disclosures and Disclaimers and read our Form CRS.